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For the love of god please help

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Alright, now I may finally talk to people that share my troubles and ask for advice.

I am 18, I know my cousin ever since I remember. When we were little kids she will always be around me and was one of the few people I liked since I have always been antisocial. It was horrible for both of us when I had to leave Canada at around 6 years old to live with my drugy dad in Bosnio-Hercegovina (former Yugoslavia.)

My mom decided to leave that country after he beat my grandfather to death, and I have been living here for about 4 years.

Now, it took a while for us to reconnect do to the language barrier and me being a little jerk, but once we did the passion between us became undeniable.

She would never leave my side, hug me whenever she saw me, sit as close as possible, lean her head on my shoulder, twerk for me when no one was around.. it amazes me we did not go full way then. To be honest, she actually annoyed me with her love (I was such a freaking idiot)

It was only after she grew cold to me and every one else, as teenage girls are want to do, did I fall in love with her.

Recently, the old love made a come back. She laughs at my retarded jokes, playfully hits and pulls me, talks in her sweet, innocent Croatian voice at times, takes pictures of me when she thinks I am not looking, always asks me where I am going and hated my girlfriend with a passion.

My best friend, who is usually a skeptic, signaled me to leave a room where me, her and him were hanging out and said "dude, is there something going on between you and your cousin?". The little kids at our family get-togethers keep teasing us for being in love.

I am sick of this sh it, I know she loves me, but for some reason she always refuses to take the plunge. I want to marry her, I want to raise children with her and in the end grow old and leave this world in her embrace,

How do I do this? should I just kiss her at random? please hep me.

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Come on guys, this is literally the only place there is where I can ask for help on this matter.

Just tell me how you made that final leap in as much detail as you care to share.

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Calm down dearest.

You are being impetuous, which is expected of teenagers, and are putting the cart way before the horse.

If you are really interested in her, then treat her like you would any other girl you are interested in:  Ask her out on a date. Call just to chat. Go on a hike together. Go get coffee with her. You know? Get to know her.

Don't just go in for a kiss. That may be all fine for romance, but honestly you don't know how she really feels and it may be a turn off. Reach for her hand. Put your arm around her. Be a gentleman. If she doesn't back away from you then that's a pretty good sign she returns your feelings.

And look around this site. There are a lot of posts about breaking the ice with your cousin.

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