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love does my cousin love me?

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Hi, I really love my cousin.  She is a year older than me and is my father's brothers daughter. I want to know if she has the same feelings for me. We see each other once a year or two.

Here are some signs which show that she may or may not love me.

1. She looks at me quite alot when we are sitting with our families or even alone for that matter and when I look at her she turns her head away.

2. I have seen her taking pictures of me, this once happened when we both were alone in a room and her camera flashed at me. There have been many other instances as well when she has taken a picture of me.

3. When I am playing cricket,  dancing ( it was a wedding) she is always watching me and sometimes I try not to make an eye contact with her as it would be awkward.

However,  my sister who I have told about this whole thing told me that I will only have my heart broken at the end plus my sister is really good friends wih my cousin but she hasn't obviously talked to her about it.

She tries not to sit with me when we are in a car.

She may leave the room after a few mins if we are the only ones in there.

Plus I can't propose her as we our in our mid teens 15/16 and we are Muslims so there isn't a problem with cousin marriages. 

I would really appreciate your help.


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