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Celebrating a Life

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This week we celebrated the life of a dear friend.  This week he left this world, and his legacy is a reflection that is cliché...he epitomized that one person can make a difference.

My earliest memory of him was going to his store for ice cream following a little league game and then more throughout my childhood.  His warm smile and engaging conversation he could easily draw you in.

After closing his store, I hadn't seen this gentleman again until 6 years ago.  I had joined a private organization, and he was serving on the board of directors.  We spent inumerable hours coordinating and participating charitable events.  Because of him, I developed a passion for this work, and through his encouragement, I joined the board. 

Of course, we became good friends...not hard, for this man's zest for God, family, community, life...was infectious.  Many times shared..card games, boating around the lake, sharing a cocktail, and volunteering for events.

At his funeral were hundreds to pay their respects.  The impact that this man made was incredible...the stories of how helped someone in a jam, encouraged them to be more than they are, and so on.  It was no surprise that this man was loved by so many.

With his passing, I have felt the natural course of sadness, but I also have smiled at the memories.  I give thanks to God...this man was a blessing to have in our lives.

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it's always sad to lose a friend. but it makes it easier when you know the friend had eternal security and that you'll see him again.

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