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i've recently switched browsers. i'm now using aviator, which is identical to chrome only it has a built in ad blocker and doesn't allow any tracking, blocks cookies by default, basically has a bunch of security features built in so that your browsing is more secure and a whole lot more pleasant without all those pesky ads.

one of the features it comes with is "disconnect". disconnect is always on, and it shows how many sites are trying to track you through the site you are visiting. (you can choose to allow or block those sites individually).

this is one of the very few sites i've ever been on that has NO other sites trying to obtain any info. so that means it's like one of the most private sites ever! (well, not counting the web crawlers and search bots that crawl through on a regular basis).

i just thought i'd share that.

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oh and i'm curious about something. when we hit the enter button to make a line break, it appears that it's giving paragraph spacing.... at least until you hit submit. once you hit submit, the line break disappears and you end up with no paragraph break.

like this. see? as i'm typing it, there appears to be white space between the previous part and this part. what's up with that? i gotta train myself to double-space!

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It may just be the quick reply thingee.

It seems to be better in the regular editor. There is also (the last button) that lets you toggle between raw html and wysiwyg (sp)

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