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Guest AshR

Is her serious??

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Guest AshR

I have feeling so lovely right now...i need some opinions.

my cousin has been the most loving, giving, honest and loyal guy i have ever known.

When my dad passed away, i decided we had to talk to our parents about us kz my mother was starting to get worried by my total lack of interest in guys or marriage around that time.

However, my cousin was still studying at that time, he asked me to wait for around 1 and a half years so that he would be financially independent when he talks to his dad....i waited amidst all the constant pressure at home.

when he started working, he got so engrossed...so busy, things took a toll on him due to the very demanding nature of his job and he just could not focus on speaking to his parents about me...

well...i took things in my hands and told my mom-obviously she did not agree....but my cousin...who always convinced me with much confidence that he will be able to talk his dad into this...suddenly has no time for this and here i am short of time.

this is...NOWHERE in his priority. wen i discussed about this with him, he says he DOES NOT KNOW what to do...and has given up on speaking to his dad following what happened in my case.

i dont doubt him...but his involvement is so negligible.. smtms i keep asking him so much that he says am presurising him and i fall alone amidst this.

although i understand him...his lack of involvement in this hurts me a lot and i am though immense pressure....

i love him and i tried whatever had to be done to be with him, but i feel there's nthing on his side.

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You need to move on my dear.  You want this relationship more than he does and it's time to move on.  He has kept you pining for him long enough.  You should get dressed up, go out with friends and start making yourself available to other men.  If he has any interest in you, living your life without him will be the surest way to turn his eyes toward you.

And don't ever put your life on hold for a man again!

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