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Guest erica


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Guest erica

Hi everybody! I am a girl from hungary! First sorry if i write not well in english! I love my first cousins from my all heart! We are far away!!! Between zs have almost 7000 km! We was not to meet much! He live in Canada. He was once here with his wife in 2002. We then see each other but i was married and i was 3 kids! After i was go separate from my husband and i was went after 10 year that wisit my family! And my cousi s was there. He also was live separate from his wife. Then we both felt something was between us but we was not want to believe that this relly. I after 3 week and i go home at hungary but i felt so empty. Missi g something. Yes my coisins was miss very. I was wrote mail and we was start that write message to each other. And slow we starz know what we feel towards to each others. In next year we meet again. I was went there and we was spend 4 weeks together. In my live this 4 weeks was a wonderful time. I start to love more and more and he also feel the same! I never before felt not this feeling. This a explain wo derful feelings!!! We are not younge! And between us have 15 years differenc! But this not care our love true and honest! After we was again together again a wonderful 2 months! Fantastic was! Now 4 months was togethet and we feel more more strong our love! And that tbos distance between us this only do stronger feelings! We can what think the other. If happen something then so strange but with other person also happen something almost the same. Our love what i thonl that not to much people can this! We would love to live together. But not easy but we do not give up. We would be to got married! But that we are first cousins and that we are in different country! This very hard. But we already we can not wait that we again to be together. Our family acept this! I am 40 years old and my cousins 56years old. We want not kids. Only we want to be together forever. And together die!!!! We ara very very in love. Thank you that i can said out these and that you was read! Erca

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