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A cousin's love story

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Guest Hanna

Hey, so this is my story of how I fell in love with my second cousin.

I was 16, I'm now 17, I hadn't seen or heard from him(call him nick) since I was probably 3 & him 2. Nick lives in South Carolina & I live in West Virginia. I went to my cousins funeral in SC last summer & he was there. I was instantly attracted to him, but he was my cousin & I didn't really know him. We talked for the next few hours, getting to know each other. We said our goodbyes & went on. We friended each other on Instagram & Facebook. Two weeks later another cousin of ours had passed away. Him & his family came to West Virginia for the funeral & we just hung out after the funeral & enjoyed getting to know each other. There was tension & we picked on each other. I thought he was just so hot. We said our goodbyes at the end of the day & went on. I started texting his younger brother, who is 15, & we were just friends. I started texting Nick within the next couple of weeks. We clicked instantly, constantly texting, every minute of every day. I finally had someone who understood me. I may have a big family but all of my cousins who I grew up with were either years older than me or years younger than me, I never had a cousin close to my age. I had two now, I loved getting to know them & having two new people in my life. I got a boyfriend. In November of last year his older brother died. I went to SC with my family for the funeral. He was there for me, I would be there for him. I just couldn't take my eyes off of him at the viewing. He would just look at me & give me the cutest smirk. He came & sat with me for about 30 minutes & we just talked & caught up on what was going on. Come to find out he had a girlfriend now. She didn't like me from the start. I got so jealous when I saw him with her, I didn't know why, he was my cousin. I left it alone & we continued to be the best of friends. A couple days into the new year I was in a huge fight with my boyfriend & I was texting Nick about it. He had been having problems with his girlfriend so we knew where each other was coming from. My boyfriend & I ended up break up that night & I told nick about the whole thing. He had been drinking that night. He said to me that he thought I was so hot even if I was his cousin. I thought he was just being stupid because he was drunk, I went along with it though. Saying I found him very attractive. We had a long conversation about how we just felt a connection & we missed eachother. The next morning he texted me & said that he was being serious about everything thing he said. I said that I was too, because I was serious. I did have a connection with him. We started to talk more & more about wishing we could be together & how we can't, but how we could keep everything a secret & just mess around when we were around eachother. We ended up slowly letting eachother go because his girlfriend was catching on & I did not want drama. I just quit talking to him for a couple months. About 3 months ago we started talking again, nothing has changed between us. He told me for the first time that he loved me, like really loved me. I of course feel the same way. He was supposed to come spend a couple weeks with me this summer but I have just been so busy & so has he. We haven't been able to plan anything. I love him so much. He knows how I feel, I wish more than anything that I could be with him. He's perfect for me, we're perfect for each other. He feels the same way but he brings me back to reality of how we can't be together because we're cousins but that we can be together secretly. I told him the other night that I love talking to him & I love him so much but I hated it at the same time because I know in the end I'm only going to get hurt. I would be with him, without a doubt in my mind. But over family has been through enough in the past year that we don't need to add more to the plate. Over family would probably disapprove anyways. He did however let it slip to his dad one night that he thought I was hot & wanted to be with me. His dad, which is my first cousin, just brushed it off i guess. My best friend knows & that's the only person besides us. I just don't know what to do. I feel so lost. I love him & he loves me, I just don't see how we can realistically be together.. He is also single now, as well as I.. Any advice would be great.

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  • Administrator

You two appear to be 1st cousins once removed. There is no reason in the world that you can be together when you both are of age. You can marry in SC with parental consent if you are 17 (you will need a notarized form from WV). How do I know these things? :kiss:

I suggest you wait until you are both 18, or better yet, 20. I'm not sure why we are always in such a rush to get married -- like the world is coming to an end next week. In the mean time, finish school, set some educational goals and peruse them. Don't wait until you are 40ish to enter grad school like me.

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