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love Double first cousins

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So me and my cousin have been together for 3 1/2 years so we wanna get married. It's normal and accepted in our culture, however, my mother keeps warning and worrying me about birth defects. The problem is my parents and his parents are cousins.. So my mom and his dad are brother and sister and my dad and his mom are brother and sister and they're cousins. We came out perfectly fine and I was always warned not to marry my cousin for health reasons but feelings happen. Now I'm just stuck in the problem and worried about the outcomes of our children when we plan to have some hopefully. We plan on getting married and year or 2 from now.

What are the chances of having abnormal children? What does genetic counseling do? What options do we have?

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A genetic counsellor will look at your family history and may do some blood tests. They should be able to tell you the risks involved with having children.

Your options are, in no particular order:

1. Don't get married

2. Get married and risk having children who have abnormalities

3. Marry, don't have children and consider adopting a child.

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