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How to focus when moving on?

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this is for all those that need help coping with losing the only one that shares the same root of identity and losing them forever.. Give tips and help to those that need to get over it but deal with them on a regular basis or just simply cannot forget no matter what!

Anyways, my cousin is always around to see my dad so I cannot ever heal fully and I've started to resent living, we don't want to upset our parents and we also don't want to lose what we have if it don't work, but it's killing me inside, he's mum treats me like shit secretly, and yet she's ment to be my auntie and my dad (he's uncle) are best friends, how do I stop the pain and move on while always randomly seeing him show up? When I'm finally happy with someone he and my dad get really possessive. I really loved him but he should love me enough to want me to be truly happy, it's asif he cannot stand me being happy with anyone else... Yet cannot ever fully make me happy.

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