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I need help..

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I'm a young man who doesnt know what to do. I have strong feelings towards my second cousin and I want to be with her. I just don't want to hurt my family or cut any ties to them. Im just so confused.. I don't want to lose her, and I'm not too sure what she would be technically called since she is only related through her brother and sister. If anyone could please help me find an answer I would deeply appreciate it. I apologize if I sounded harsh in anyway.

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ok, how young of a young man are you? and how old is she? i swear, i think you might be related to someone else i just responded to. i don't understand what you mean that she's only related through her brother and sister. so i'm going to tell you what i told the other person i just responded to. draw me a diagram.

in one column put you, your parent (on whose side you are related), your grandparent, and your great grandparent.

in the next column, put her, her parent, her grandparent, and her great grandparent.

now draw a line between any two people in opposite columns that are SIBLINGS. if there are no people in the first column that are siblings with anyone in the second column, then you two aren't cousins at all. but that's what i'm going to try to help you figure out.

take a picture and upload it if you can.  don't use real names though. use initials or nicknames.

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