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I was first introduced to my cousin when we were both 14 at a birthday party. Our mothers had been childhood friends and our father's were cousins. We spent a weekend together and had that first puppy love experience.  All attempts to contact each other were stopped by our family for many years. Now we are both 33 and recently reconnected.  After spending one day together we realized that we are both still in love, and discovered that all this time our family has been keeping us from contacting each other. We are now in a relationship and very happy.

Some of our family is very much against this, they have called it disgusting and against god. Does anyone have any suggestions?  We want to be together and we can even get married if we choose to, but it's so looked down upon that I don't know what to do.

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  • Administrator

Arby, since you had posted this in someone else's thread, i moved it so that it would be a topic all its own. i think it will get more responses that way.

as for my own opinion, i think you should tell your family to bite your big toe. you're second cousins. there's nothing in the world wrong with you two marrying except in the narrow minds of people who want to manipulate you into doing what they want.

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You are old enought to make up your own minds. Do what makes you happy.  The naysayers will either come around

or the won't. Let all family members know  they are welcome in your lives, but they don't get the right to run it.

Best wishes on your journey. And let us know how you are doing.

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