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Guest jimmy gray

blossoming romance

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Guest jimmy gray

ok, so im new to this forum and i can see that my problems probably aren't as severe as some of the other stories i have read, but i still would like to vent about mine anyway.

my cousin and i didn't grow up together, nor did we keep contact through our childhood/teen/early adult life. to be honest, we haven't seen or spoken to each other in over 15 years. but through the power of social media, we started chatting about four months back.

a few months ago, she confessed her love for me and i feel the same way about her. we chat for hours over the phone everyday and plan to meet up later this week for the first time in 15 years.

we have discussed a wide variety of topics including picking up and just running away to a place where no-one knows us just to be able to be who we want to be. Neither of us are religious so the whole "God will condemn you" speech has no relevance or bearing on the situation at all.

the only problem we have is her fear that her mother will abandon her or even feel resentment towards her. and as much as i love and want to be with her, if she doesn't have her mother in her life, she will never be truly happy. I only ever want to be the cause of her happiness, never her sorrow.

any advice would be appreciated. thanks.

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does she have any children of her own? do you?

here's the reason i ask... when a person has a child, they (most, anyway) understand the depth of unconditional love. no matter what a child might do, that's a love that can't be broken. it can become strained for a while, and sometimes a parent will resort to emotional blackmail (just as teenagers do to their mothers), but no matter, very few mothers in the world can sever a bond with a child and walk away. it takes a special kind of evil in a parent to be able to do that.

is her mother that kind of evil?

seriously, let her read this. i think it might help her realize that she can't push her mom away as easily as she's afraid she can.

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