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Don't know what to do

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Hi, I am moving out soon this week and I'm not sure if I should tell my mum.

I haven't spoke to my family for a few months now even though we live in the same house, they went berserk after I told them who I fell for months ago. My mother loves her son and have a few times now tried to reconnect so that I could talk to her and the rest of the family just like the way it was before but I just stayed silent...Knowing that they still disapprove of my relationship with my cousin and force me to stop if I mention abt it. I can't deny my feelings and therefore it places me in silent everytime I see them...

They expect me to be back and be all happy like nothing had happened, like I have already given up on her and that I have had moved on...but I'm not...these feelings for the one I love is real and they stay real. I feel like my family and other cuz who opposes it guilt trips me everytime they mention one of the family is worried about me. I feel like being trapped in a cage everytime I hear that...I still keep in contact with my cousin in secret for our safety.

I am moving out so I can get some freedom and taking up study. So should I tell my mum that I am moving out? What do I say ? What if she assume that the reason I move out is to contact my cousin? I feel guilt and uncomfortable everytime she mentions it in a bad way?

I don't know what to do please help ???

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i think you should tell your mom. if you just disappear, she'll be frantic with worry. that's what mothers do. so yes, just tell her. and if she asks why, just be honest. the environment you are living in right now is simply not healthy for you to stay in. you're an adult, and you need to live your life on your own terms. if she tries to talk you out of it, just tell her it's not up for discussion. 

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