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I want to tell the world, but I'm scared

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So, after the loss of my son my parents decided it would be a good idea for me to get away for the summer to my grandfather's ranch in Mexico, I hadn't been there for 25 years, I was 15 years old. I will never forget the day I saw him walking from the corral, it was something at first sight, but I knew before we were introduced that he was my cousin, and of course the one instructed to take me horse back riding for what was suppose to be therapy.. it didnt take long, about two weeks into going almost daily with him that he stipped our horses and told me that he was in love, that it was love at first sight for him.. anyways, not trying to make this story too long, but I wanted to express just how strong that instant connection was... we lived an amazing two months, we've discussed how things will work out in the future with me leaving everything behind, which I'm okay with necause I have never felt this way before for anyone. I have a daughter with down syndrome which absolutely adores him and he does her, it just seems so perfect.. There will be no problems in his side, his sister knows, she said she noticed it through our eyes and the way we were around each other, his mom has two siblings that married their cousins, and his dad (my uncle) passed. He has never been married and does not want any children, we are both 40. But its my parents, I am deathly afraid of upsetting them, I've already gone through a marriage and divorce, I am a single parent that depends on them. The original plan was to tell them next summer, together, provided this long distance thing works out, but he gets desperate and sometimes tells me just to tell them or that he will call and explain his feelings. A part of me wants to wait but a bigger part of me wants to tell the world of my love and give it validity, should I wait? How should I tell them, I don't think my dad would have a problem but my mom will...

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