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Guest Joe

Cousins once removed in Texas

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Guest Joe

Okay so me & my first cousin once removed are getting married in Texas, which by the way it is legal. My question is, when I go to get our marriage certificate, the lady will ask if we are related.. What should I say?

The reason why I ask is because my brother went to get his marriage certificate & I acompanied him with his future wife & I heard that they asked them if they were related. They aren't cousins so my brother said no, which left me thinking in my case with my girl. What are we going to say when they ask us that? Should I say that we are related even though it is legal? OR since it is legal.. should we just say that we aren't related?

I think that if they ask the couples that are getting married if they are related, it's because they ask if they are really close related like brother & sister right? I'm sure that is illegal :s I'm sure that if we say that we are NOT related even though we are cousins ONCE REMOVED, we won't get in trouble with the law right??

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what the clerk SHOULD ask is are you related within the prohibited degrees of kinship. if they abbreviate the question and only ask if you are related, period, then you just say no.

or you could have some entertainment... tell them yes, you are related, that you are first cousins once removed, and watch the blank stare of confusion that descends over their face before (a) telling you that it's not legal or (B) calling in a supervisor...

congrats, by the way. i'm also a texan married to my first cousin once removed.

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