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I need advice

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I am currently in a relationship with my gf of two years and it's going great. But when I went on vacation to see my family I saw my 1st cousin. She and I have always gotten along very well we have a lot in common. Basically she's the female version of me. Ok so whenever we were together she would sometimes touch my arm for no reason or whenever something funny happened she would start laughing while grabbing me. She would sit pretty close to me everytime we were at my grandmothers house even though there would be plenty of other seats. Ever since I came back home we've been texting everyday and she frequently says she misses me and she says that whenever she's sad she doesn't tell anyone what's wrong except me. Now here's the confusing part. She does all that but she has a boyfriend of five months. I'm just confused does it seem like she likes me or am I just thinking too deep? We're both of legal age too before anyone asks.

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Knee jerk reaction:  you are over thinking.

BUT~~ if you think there may be more and you are interested then you need to break it off

with  gf before you test the waters. 

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