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love Double cousins

Guest Stan

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You should go for genetic counselling, where you will be able to get a personal risk calculation. 

Imho, any couple planning on having children should do so, not just those who are cousins or children of a cousin union themselves.

Good luck!

Lori :)

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  • Administrator

Good advice Lori.

First, you are not double cousins. I am not convinced that there is an increased risk in this case. In some countries, 80 percent of the population STILL marry cousins. And their children marry cousins. I have no idea how this relates to increased birth defects, but I think it is minimal or perhaps nonexistent. I have been wondering about this for some time. If someone has seen stats on the effect of generations of cousin marriages, I would like to see it.

If you are concerned, please see this website: http://www.nsgc.org/

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