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My question here is, I live in Minnesota and in my state I know that marriage between first cousins is only allowed if it is part of your religious views. Now being a Catholic boy I somehow don't think that would fly well. But I'm wondering if it is legal/recognized if my beautiful girl and I marry in a state that is legal and come back. I have had some difficulty figuring this out.

Thanks for reading, SpaZZ

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You really need to consult an attorney - we cannot give legal advice.  

Of course, if you move to a state where cousins are legal, there will be no problem.  

I live in Florida and it is legal here - plus it is warmer.  Giggle



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True I understand. We plan to hopefully make a trip to AK with a couple of our closest friends and marry. We would like to move to AK someday, Florida is too warm for our blood haha. There's just too much to leave behind in MN atm. My little sis wants me to move down to Texas. But there is no way. Besides the heat I can't have my precious Princess there and I won't give her up for nothing. Thank you for the input. I was very happy to find this forum.

Hugs back :)

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