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Need some advice

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Ok, so me and my cousin saby  are falling/have fallen in love with each other but there is hesitation on her part because if we pursue our desire we would have to elope and abandon family. Which her and I ate both really connected with our family. But I would like to make this work. What can we do?  Anything I can say to help her be at ease?

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You didn't mention where you are, so I shan't either. I did, however, take the liberty as a mod to have a little peek. Not to be nosy mind you, but to determine your general location so as to determine your legal situation. Where you are, (and I'll assume you two are first cousins), you cannot marry, and had best not get caught in a uncompromising situation. It's considered a felony. SO, eloping is an option for you that becomes increasingly attractive. Other than physically leaving, there is no need to "abandon" your family. If they don't like the situation, they may abandon YOU, but that is THEIR choice, not yours. I'm not sure if you already knew your legal situation or the extent of it, seeing as you said, and I quote "we would have to elope...." At any rate, you would have to leave the State you are in. As in, the sooner the better, and certainly before you are caught in the act, shall we say. 

Are the two of you both working? If so, would there be the possibility for either or both of you to transfer to a more "friendly" State? There are a couple States not TOO terribly distant you may wish to consider. For reasons of anonymity, I'll not mention them, but, you can have a look here: https://www.cousincouples.com/?page=states to get an idea. The green ones are the ones you would want to consider. 

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