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I need advice

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I know I haven't posted in awhile but I need help. My cousin & I have been flirting for almost a year now. We quit talking for a couple months because we had both gotten into relationships because we both try & put our feelings for each other aside. We started talking again a couple weeks ago & all of those feelings came rushing back. I finally told him tonight that even though cousins aren't "supposed" to be together that I had so many feelings for him. I'm in love. He said he knew & he has feelings for me as well. I mentioned this site & how it's helped me realize that I wanna be with him, like actually be with him, even if he didn't. He didn't address what I had said, he just said that he didn't even know there were sites like this. I told him that I will be on here for hours at a time just reading because it helps me. He said that he was sorry he got me into this. I told him that it was fine because I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm so happy to love someone so amazing, he loves me too, I know that. But I actually see us being able to be together & he doesn't I don't think. What do I do now?

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