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hey yall

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Well to start short i  heard that my cousin from chicago was moving to Georgia this is the first time meeting her at that time she was 14 i was 17

it was on a summer her parents didnt had a place to stay so they lived with us for 7 months in in those 7 months we got kinda close we talked a lot and i started getting feelings for her and i didn't notice but i felt strongly attached to her but when she moved out to a house they bought i felt something different in my heart i started missing her alot i saw her rarely but we txted  but i wanted to see her so bad and ik it was wrong at first but the more i talked or saw her i felt more in love with her for who she. And i just couldn't keep it inside so i told her through txt she didnt reply so when i saw her i told her again and she got mad at me i know i did a mistake on doing that but she didn't talk to me for half a year .

So half a year pass and she talk to me saying it ok she just needed time to think and she was srry but she was never gonna see me the way i see her and that to find someone else that she only sees me as a cousin and that actually hurt lol but i try to give up on it and move on but i couldnt  and i know i was doing wrong but i try to make her fall for me for 2 years it was hard honestly.i also found out she told 3 of my girl cousins they understood and told me she cry alot cuz of the subject i did ask her out twice and i know i made alot of mistakes and stuff and we still talk i try letting go and not bring it up anymore but it feels different cause everytime we go to a family party and stuff she keeps staring at me and i dont look back exept one time i did look her way and she looked away quickly and in person we dont talk much she usually keeps her distance but we talk for a lil bit and evertime were alone she talks to me more this one time i was showing her pictures of my friends and she said in low voice i thought you only had pictures of me and i pretended i didn't hear her and i said what she said oh nice and i feel like she started to feel something cuz this one time i heard her talk to my other cousin that knows and my cousin that know about it says why dont you tell adrian how you feel and i enter the room and she said there he is and my cousin that i love just walked outside i didn't say anything i let it be and idk im confuse and i need help plzz help me

And srry its late and im just writing it down srry for not putting periods or any of that stuff next time i will hopefully yall understand

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