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I never new my cousins from chicago and 3 years ago they came and i met my cousin emily she was 14 i was 19. I fell in love with her and at first it was hard to tell her but eventually i did. Than she got mad she didnt talk to me for a while. After that she talked to me again bit i never brought ot up for 3 months but the feeling got stronger towards her. So agian i ask her i didnt know what to do with my feelings and we talk and she said she was never gonna see me the same so i told her i was gonna try ro conquer her heart. But she said i would just waste my time and for 2 years i did everything i could know she's 16 and im 2. But in The time we had ups and downs as being cousins cuz my other cousins there girls they know about it and they told me she cried sometimes but me and emily still talk i try bringing it up anymote but i still love her. And since last year she kept looking at me every time we have a family party or in birthday's she stares at me i stared back once and she looked away fast. And this other time she got too close to my face and we stare at each other until my other cousin said hey stop but one time i heard my other cousin if you like him tell him and i got in the room and the room and i said who and they both ran out idk if its me she likes or someone else. I asked her but she never said who and im lost cuz she acts different and idk what to think  :( 

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