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I removed your posts. Clean up the language, and try again. It isn't that it's so shocking to me, (trust me, it isn't) BUT, there are underage members and lurkers, and we want this to be at the very worst PG rated. You verbiage isn't REAL far over what that line has become these days, but leave out the anatomy lesson, and try again. Of course, all but the first of your scenarios mentioned involve said genital anatomy, and at the least, rather lascivious behavior by both you and her.

Here's an answer as far as I see it. I'm going to say, yeah, she probably likes you. At the very least, she's extremely comfortable around you, since girls usually don't behave that way if they aren't comfortable in those situations.

Your bigger problem, until she's 18 is, YOU are dancing on extremely thin ice with this behavior until then. My advice, cool the jets, yours, and,( you being the elder, insist upon) hers as well. Once she's 18, at least legally, it's wide open to all the shenanigans you two are comfortable with. You two are obviously well past the "if you weren't my cousin" phase..... 

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