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I confess my love for my cousin like everybody else has done and I get told off

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nobody has verbally assaulted you. we just haven't told you what you want to hear. you keep saying you aren't coming back, and yet here you are. still. online even as i type this. why is that charles? our advice to you isn't going to change.

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I am learning the hard way that the advice you get here will not always be comforting, but it will be in the best interests of your emotional and mental health. Try to listen with an open mind and realize that the world we live in is not all rainbows and butterflies. I am having a difficult time as well, but the decisions I have made are mine and mine alone. I have to live with that the same way everyone else does, but the experience available on this site is invaluable. The best advice I can give is to be patient and try to work on understanding your own feelings before you try to understand anyone else's. If you have concerns you would like to share with me privately I will lend an ear and try to offer you guidance without judgement.

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