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Guest Brittney

Babies on the way

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Guest Brittney

A very long story short about my cousin and I, we had crushes on each other as children, dated as teens and stayed in a long distance relationship off and on and are now finally together 100%!

Well while using birth control we still ended up pregnant and our luck its twins. My mom is...embarrassed but she accepts the babies as her grandchildren. Now my dilemma...

I'm so terrified about these babies having some form of defect and I don't know what to do.

Our family (ies) would blame us for it and maybe even shun our children... Is there anyway to just not worry and enjoy my pregnancy with my one person I'm truly happy with?

Or am I doomed to be scared?

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you can start with studying the information on this page (and it's corresponding link to page 2) https://www.cousincouples.com/?page=overview

but really, no. you won't ever erase all your fears, because that's what mom's do. especially during a first pregnancy, and even more especially if it's a multiple birth! you're going to worry, it's just the way it is! however, if you study those pages, i think you'll at least be able to ease your concerns a little, because the fact that your cousin is the father is the least likely culprit of any of the potential problems that you could encounter.

you could also see a genetic counselor and have the GC go over a very detailed family history, and then run blood tests if there are any red flags.

please read the info pages carefully... if you have any questions about something you don't understand, ask! i'll be happy to try and clarify anything that you're unsure of.

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