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Guest Steave 848

Finally did it but....

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Guest Steave 848

So finally the other night I grew a pair and told her how I felt about her

I'm 24 she's 23 (med student) we have always had a really close relationship as cousins

Now the other night we were at a park having coffee and just talking for like 2 hours about all sorts of things then we came to the subject of relationships so I decided if I'm ever going to tell her how I feel it's now!

I thought I'd "test the water" fist by telling her that I had a h crash on her when we were kids and she smiled and told me so did she then i told her I'm going to tell you something but what I'm about to say stays inbetween me and you I said it's been on my mind for as long as I can remember and I just want to clear my mind

So she was like ok I'm listening. Took me a while to tell her but eventually I did it I told her that I had a crash on her ever since we were little kids and still feel the same way about her

Her reaction was interesting I didn't expect it she was so calm and understanding about it she said its ok this won't change anything inbetween us and I promise not to speak of it to anyone

She asked me why I felt like I needed to tell her so all I said was I just felt like I needed to get it out of me and now you know

After we brushed off this crush topic everything was fine she didn't act no different around me at all and i tryed to do the same

So what now? No hope left? Maybe if she was to have some time to herself she might bring the topic back up again?

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