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I don't know how to tell her. That I have real feelings for her.

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Well hello, im zavy. would like to start saying im 7 years older than G. my second cousin. I have through the years had feelings for her. I don't know why but since i was a young we hang out at our family reunions and one day in 2004, we started talking and playing with everyone and I started to have strange feelings for her at first they were more like a crush. But as time passed I notice that does feeling didn't go away so then I researched and discovered that it wasn't the hormones, or simple crush any longer. And it has been 11 years since that day, I have told her I like her a lot but it probably sounds as a cousin-ly love. We still talk from time to time and face time also. We have kiss in a few occasions when we had family activities in the beach, in my aunt's house,  in the pool, in my bedroom. And in her grandmothers van. I have always taught of this as a childish desire but after being married & divorced,  couldn't stop thinking and having these feelings for her after all this years, I seriously don't know what to do anymore. So I ask for your advice. Thank you in advance. Peace ZX

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