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Fate and Love

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I wrote this after I saw my cousin recently and I began thinking about the nature of fate and physicality. I landed on palmistry and wrote this about the dichotomy of reality and fiction; what is written and what actually exists. Feel free to comment or offer artistic insight.

Observe the hand and hold in eye

The canyon, crag and crooked line.

The truth behind a jagged lie

A close inspection could divine.

A modicum of future sight;

Cartographic time contingency.

A glimpse of self, however slight

Carved bereft of crucial stringency

Forsooth the toll of time is took

As life by flesh is tightly tethered.

While one adopts the other's look

So flesh by living soon is leathered.

Heart over head with life and fate

Sketching a scar scape across fiction,

Contorting back to illustrate

Body and mind in contradiction

The Palm must flex against the breeze

Or else tempt the tempest's treachery.

So too our tempered palms must seize

A fugitive possibility.

So it is said that time will tell

And all that must shall be discovered.

The die is cast for ill or well

One path from two will be dissevered.

Not a drop of the author's ink

Will change for what the character feels.

Through scribbles though, the two are linked

One is falsehood, but the other's real.

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Thank you very much.  :grin: I put a lot of thought and effort into it, but it was the inspiration that set me in motion. I couldn't have done it without my muse.

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