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I am actually trying to get her to find out about it anonymously, I have not opened up to her yet. I'm 27 and she is 26. I'm just unsure how she feels toward me but I want to know if it's the stigma against cousin relationships that is holding her back. And if she finds it is not something that is based off actual concerns, then maybe she would be more open with me.

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facebook is not a place where many people share their kinship status. heck, i've been on tv, radio, written up in magazines and newspapers, and even i don't disclose on facebook that my husband is my cousin.

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I have read your posts on here and I have a woman's perspective for you about your cousin.....you won't like it, but here it is.

Her unresponsiveness to your messages sounds like she is not interested, but doesn't want to confront you about it.

If I have read correctly, you said you have sent her 3 messages, all with no reply from her... You need to let her be. You are probably pushing her away. She is either not interested or not ready.

If I were you (and I know this is extremely difficult--easier said than done), I wouldn't contact her anymore. See her on holidays with your family, don't be overly clingy because that tends to overwhelm/creep some girls out, and don't contact her in any way unless she reaches out to you. By that, I mean if she puts forth effort to have a friendship or more with you.

She now knows how you feel, so be prepared if she ever writes you back. If she is not interested, let her go and move on with your life. You have to respect her wishes on the matter.

I'm sorry to give you such bad news; I'm just trying to help based on what you've told us on this site. I wish you the best and I hope she comes around one day. Be patient and know if and when to move on.

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