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Trying to make sense, help?

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It's been a good while since I last visited, (I missed you guys!) but something was said that has my head running crazy with ideas and I'm hoping someone could make sense of it. I did say I was going to try and get over my feelings for her and just be friends, but that's pretty hard to do. Any who, we were talking last night and it went from just a normal chat to her thinking that I should stop trying to actively get a girlfriend because it's poisoning my thoughts. That baffles me. Reason is because she's always telling me that I should try to get a girlfriend. She has even tried looking for one to set me up with. I just don't understand why out of nowhere she would tell me to stop looking for one. I agreed to stop my search and she didn't text me after that. Any ideas? I look forward to getting advice from you guys  :cheesy:

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I don't have an answer to her line of thinking.

However I have found in my lifetime that when you are actively "searching" for someone to

share your life with/someone to love it usually doesn't work or you are finding the people who

aren't  a right fit for you. I HAVE found that when I stop frantically searching (and yes it can be frantic,even

if we don't feel that it is), focus on me and being a better me, somehow that person comes into my life.

Maybe this isn't the message you were hoping for,but it is the best I have to offer at the time.

You can still work on getting over the feelings for her, as it doesn't seem she is interested in

a relationship with you, at least not right now. OR maybe she is changing her mind. But in it all

concentrate on YOU and being the best YOU you can be.

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Thank you for the reply Romalee, I appreciate all the replies I get. I don't know if she is changing her mind, but one can only hope. In the meantime, I'll continue focusing on school.

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