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I am a new member and I have say this is a wonderful site. I married the love of my life 2 years ago and he is also my first cousin. We were very fortunate that our parents (ones now alive) were very accepting after the shock wore off. I am 47 and I have three grown children from a prior marriage who are also very supportive and love my Husband.I do remember feeling very scared about our relationship and what effect it would have on other family members outside of immediate family. I came to the conclusion that even though some of them did not approve, I didn't care. My Husband and I are so alike and have so much in common that our marriage is really something special. I guess if I were to offer any advise on entering into a relationship with a cousin it would be to stay strong, take your time, don't harbor resentment against family that don't understand or approve and just love each other. Most of the time, others will eventually come around to acceptance and even if they don't, just know that it's because they don't understand. Many cultures encourage marriages between cousins mainly to ensure common values and beliefs and there is really something to that. My Husband and I are stronger because of how we think, what we believe in and how we treat each other. Again, thank you for such a supportive site.

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Welcome to the boards!! What an inspirational message.

You are repeating all the same things we tell our members and guests about the family dynamics

of a cousin relationship. 

I have been married to my second cousin for almost 12 years.

Best wishes.

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and i've been married to my first cousin once removed for 17 years! thank you for sharing your words of wisdom. they are so true for nearly every couple!

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