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love cant believe im even asking. ugh

Guest Billy

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after months of not seeing a cousin, i don't even know Wat to make of this, really.

So they visit me and my family. We go out to X place, when we are out the door, she comes out first and I am behind her.She waits a bit till i come out and i just turn to look at her, we lock eyes, it was so weird but i felt some type of tension, sexual attraction i didn't even know Wat to feel it was so weird lol. we looked at each other for about 3 to 4 seconds she doesn't break the eye contact neither till i turn around and we leave. It didn't feel awkward or anything like that after. we just leave to were we are going.

on our way we are in the car and she is driving and i tell her ''hey i met this new chick and we are talking''

she turns around and looks at me and asks ''Wat is she?''(asking about watt race she was) and i respond to her, and her reply was '''ummmm, OH, they only stick to there kind''(meaning they only date within there race) i didn't think anything of it. but her vocal tone changed through out this little exchange, her tone of voice was really low when she ask me watt race she was, and her face expression was just weird like blank, as if i struck one of her emotional cords and got a bit jealous? i didn't feel a good vibe from this at all.

finally when she left our house with her family, everyone was about to say goodbye, etc, she came by me and was started standing close to me by my side shoulder to shoulder not touching but close, i felt so nervous and shy, in my mind i was like why heck am i feeling like this? i could feel as if she was feeling the same, i felt tension i think we were both just waiting to see who was going to say goodbye first(hug and kiss type of goodbye) i slightly looked at her quick and she seemed nervous. lol. she all of a suddent said goodbye to my other family members instead of me first since i was the one closer it didn't make sense to me.. then after saying goodbye to 2 of them she then said goodbye to me.

now before this visit they had visit us a couple of months before this visit. i greeted her with a hug and kiss and we talked about school and stuff, watt we have being up to the normal stuff. watt Ive notice was this again when they were leaving she said goodbye to everyone with a hug and kiss. when she said by to me she only gave me a hug and not a kiss made me feel kinda weird because i noticed lol. we kept talking though and kept saying goodbye like 2 more times and gave 2 more hugs without a kiss though it was weird i sense as if she was to nervous or something.

why do i feel tension though? this is crazy lol.

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