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I like my little Kohai

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So I met my cousins that came from Mexico.

The older one (let's name him Ryuu) Ryuu(15), and his younger brother Justin(13).

So I started hanging around with them we all played outside with our other little cousins. So I started falling in love with Ryuu but I notice that he doesn't talk to me so time passes and I started liking Justin.

Since Ryuu didn't want to go the middle school my liking for him faded away...a little and for Justin I started liking him more.

So now when I see him I try to hide or I just do stupid things.

I found out that this girl started liking Justin and I felt sad since I already knew I couldn't stay with him since he's my cousin...

I then heard that my friend that goes to the same grade as Justin said that he always hugs a girl and I didn't know what to do so I started to feel really bad about myself.

I remeber when we were playing 'Tag' I was hiding in a little house for kids to play then Ryuu asked if he could hide with me and I let him. We were squash but I didn't care so then my love for him came back and I started liking them both again.... but mostly Justin the most  :azn:

The thing that would hurt me the most is that I have a cousin named Jeni.

I found out that Ryuu likes Jeni and I felt sad but the thing that hurt me the most is when Jeni sleeps with Ryuu & Justin's bed and I think to myself that she never came to the house that Ryuu & Justin live in.

and when Ryuu or Justin are with their phones Jeni always takes them and always says if they missed her and I always end up sad.

I mean she has a Boyfriend yet she's always trying to flirt with them.

I don't know what to do since Justin and I are like good cousins. I want to tell him how I feel about him but what if I scare him away?..

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