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My short Love Story

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The first time I met my First-Cousin Tabitha was in Colorado at my

grandparents house, we were both very young and playing tag and hide

and seek. It wasn't until years later in 2005 that I felt attracted to

her at a family thanksgiving party in GA. Afterwards, She and her

parents came to visit us at our place at NC in 2006 , I was kind of shy

around her and still am, but my feelings were still developing for her,

I kind of regret not taking her for that bike ride and staying close to

her side while she was here.

Around 2010-2011 I started to really have deep feelings towards my

cousin, yes I had other girlfriends in the past, but none of them came

close to what I felt for her. I tried messaging her on Facebook, and we

would chat a little, she was studying to become a Nurse and I told her

I wanted to go into the Military and how I was into computers. I

somewhat tried to share my feelings to her by being flirtatious, I

told her she was very beautiful, but was to fearful of expressing my

deep feelings for her. Eventually I backed off when she had a boyfriend

from college. I kind of lost contact with her after that, have not seen

her or talked to her since 2013 I think, but have always had her on my

mind since. Last I heard she broke up with her boyfriend, dropped out

of college, and is moving with her family from GA to MN where its

freaking cold. I would not mind moving to MN though just so I can get

closer to her.

Right now I live with my parents, have a low entry job, and trying to

become more independent in life. I plan on taking some classes on

computers so I can get a higher paying job, but what I really want is

my Cousin in my life. I guess the rest of my story is to be continued..

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