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Guest Mythicalbeastfan

I just found out

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Guest Mythicalbeastfan

So I have been visiting this website for a while and I realize I didn't want to hide it anymore I was in love with my cousin and have been for years. It was always in the back of my mind but I never acted upon it until now. But it's too late.

We have been hanging out a lot and getting to know each other on a deeper level and we acted like we where dating so I thought okay now is the time.

So tonight we had dinner together and I'm all ready to share my feelings so I start off by saying "tell me a secret about yourself"

Note to self don't ever do that because what followed after was what I didn't want to hear

He's gay .. Of course I'm happy for him but I never knew he dated girls his whole life so I was shocked at first but of course accepted it

I just have to move on it's hard because I feel like my whole life has been a lie all the feelings I felt and moments we had I just don't know

I just needed to vent about this please don't put any hate on me

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why would we hate on you? i'm more inclined to give you a cyber-hug. what a devastating discovery! i can relate though. when i was in my 20's, i dated a guy and was deeply in love with him. and then he got stupid... (or maybe i was stupid because i was dating him in the first place) and he sold some extacy to an undercover cop and did a year in prison. i stood by him, we wrote, we talked of marriage, the whole nine yards. i had some expensive boudoir shots made and put them in a fancy leather photo album and sent them to him.

we didn't stay together long after he got out of prison. his cell-mate was released from prison too near the same time. me and my roommate dated those two for a brief time until the truth came out... they were into each other.

be glad you found out now.

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