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Television series (US) opportunity, research phase

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i have been in communication with a man who is interested in doing a reality series on cousin couples... not to exploit, but to portray this as something that should not be discriminated against.

(from the second email)

Would you mind if I put up a posting about the project and asked people if they were interested in sharing their story with me? Whatever they share with me would NOT be broadcasted, televised or disseminated to the public. It would be for men to see what kind of documentary series I can put together about the subject. I'm still in the research and development phase and need to get more information to see what is possible. I'm asking you this because I'm an outsider. Like you said, it's a small community, and I don't want to do anything inappropriate to the community you've built and fostered.

If a network like TLC, HBO, or FYI is eventually interested, then I would go back and see if they have any willingness to be involved in a project that's bigger. Feel free to give me a call on my office line if you have any questions. Thank you.

(initial email)

Hello Christie (is that the correct spelling of your name?)

My name is Sumit David. Sumit is short for Sumithrin if you want to look me up on imdb or google stalk me. I run the creative side of a reality TV production company in NY. We've produce shows for Discovery, TLC, Science Channel, Travel Channel, DIY and Destination America.

I know the name "reality" has a negative connotation these days, but I try to produce my shows to be both informative and authentic while also being entertaining. I don't do shows like Real Housewives or the Jersey Shore. I look for interesting stories and people. A lot of times I find people who don't even think they're interesting, but I find their stories fascinating. I stay away from producing trashy television. At the end of the day, I like to make shows that the characters I film feel proud to be in, and also it's wholesome enough that my mom can watch them.

I recently have been wondering about producing a doc series about cousin couples, and the more research I do about it, I am more and more intrigued to find a way to tell these stories. Would you be open to talking to me on the phone so that I may pick your brain on a good way to go about this?

My business email address is [email protected]

My office number is 845-920-1300.

Thank you for your time,

Sumit David

VP of Current & Development

Paper Route Productions, Inc.

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