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Cousin Love and Breakup

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I'm 25 years old guy. My male cousin is 21 and we had been living together for a very long time. We went through every ups and downs and it made us happy that we were together. We are living together as of now but I need advice on what to do next...

My last happy day was the past Easter Sunday because that was our last day as a couple. He broke up with me and confessed that he liked another girl he met during Spring Break. I always knew that he was straight but "went gay just for me." It has been devastating for me since and I have not been able to accept it and move on. He said he liked this girl and wanted to ask her out. I'm living with him now and don't know what to do (We split the rent and share the same room). I can't really move out because renting an apartment alone is very expensive and I can't afford it. He also said he didn't want me to move out.

How do I cope with this? I asked him to wait some more time before dating her. Should I do that? I'm very confused now and don't know what to do. How do I move on from this? I know that our relationship must end eventually because we're cousins. Please give me advice.

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Your relationship should end, not because your cousins, but because he has moved on.  It's time to start looking for another roommate or an apartment that you can afford on your own.

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