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Family Reunion

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To-date, we have shared who we are with her dad and my mother.  Yet to tell her mother and my father..and our kids.  Telling her mother is a concern in that she might flip out.

This summer, she will be attending a family reunion for my father's side...not  her family.  The question on our mind is, how do we introduce her?  Saying she is my girlfriend means that we should have the conversation first with our kids and the parents that don't know. 

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That's a good one. I would do first and last name and leave it at that. A few people should begin to put the pieces together at that point tho ;)

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Thanks KC.  Our conversation is leading us to believe that there is an eventuality of letting her mom and our kids know, and should that time be sooner rather than later.   There is a bit of a twist in that my mother has on occasion referred to my girlfriend as her daughter-in-law...a bit of a slip, but it could lead to conversation about who she is.




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