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Testing for cousing marriage?

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New to this site and glad theres a forum like this online for people who want to marry first cousin.

I want to know what testings there are for checking if theres any problems with children? 

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you should see a genetic counselor. they're covered by most insurance companies, but you'll probably need a referral from your primary care physician.  a genetic counselor will want a detailed medical history on both sides of your family... and especially the shared side of the  family. the GC will then review that history to determine if there are any red flags, like medical conditions that appear in both your ancestors. if there are any concerns, then the GC can order blood tests to determine whether you both carry the specific genetic anomaly.

a word about what the GC is looking for... conditions that are called 'autosomal recessive'. those are the only conditions that can cause birth defects or disorders resulting from being cousins. they are also the least common of all birth disorders and defects. that doesn't mean they're the only kinds of defects that can be passed down to your children though. there are many problems that can be inherited from only one parent, and in those cases it wouldn't matter who the other parent was. but a genetic counselor would be able to spot concerns of those things too, by reviewing the family medical history. so it's critical that you get as much detail as you can, for as many generations as you can. even providing anecdotal stories of issues that some distant relative had that never had a name or a diagnosis.

on our site (outside of the forums) there are a couple of pages of genetic information that may give you a clearer picture of what to expect going forward. https://www.cousincouples.com/?page=overview

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