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In Love and Married

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I finally came out and told my cousin that I loved her 6 years ago, we made love for the first time shortly after, we confused to our family our feelings, we moved in with each other and then went or separate ways because of hurt. I married another woman but I'm still in love with my cousin. What do I do?

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you honor your marriage vows. if you think that's too difficult, then you tell your wife about your struggle. in fact, you should anyway. if you're struggling with feelings that you have no intention of acting upon, then your wife may be understanding... and the fact that your secret will have been exposed by telling her, it will lose some of its power over you.

of course, if you want an affair with your cousin, then you really need to tell your wife you can't be faithful to her, and if she wants a divorce, give it to her.

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