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Me and my cousin kiss a lot since I saw this site

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Since I saw this site, I read many stories that I can relate to, and it gave me insight that I'm not the only one who has feelings for their Cousin.. ..


I'm in love with my Cousin and we do everything together and ever since I saw this site we kissed more often, mostly it's like 5secs and done but it's the adrenaline that's CooL suddenly rush of blood :) .. .. I've tested the waters and asked questions like "if I wasn't you cousin would you date me??" and the answers were Positive.. ..


Conversatiwons like that lead to up instances where we are Kiss.. ...Sometimes she says "do you wanna know how I kiss my boyfriend??" obviously I say "yes" and we kiss Just like that.. ..And Sometimes when we are alone we sleep in the same bed <-_then it's the four play_-> until she says "Stop before I lose control over my self, You're my cousin" .. ..Everytime we are being intimate she says "we are cousins" but carries on in most cases.. ..


Sometimes.. .. she comes Crying to me because her boyfriend only texts or Calls her when she's at her parents House (She stays with us for college reasons, and her parents Stay in another city really far from us), Then  we end up being comportable and Kiss .. ..


I really Love her! The kissing is CooL but kissing her is way beyond my feelings for her, telling her how I feel is hard though I think she knows my feelings towards her.. ..


Any advice?? Any one??


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