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"She's My Sister!"

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So there's this guy I've had this small crush on for almost a year, and he's two years older than me. At school, most of the time we hang out a lot, and I like to hang with him and his friends most of the time. He's always saying I'm his "lil' sis" and hugging me and stuff- But lately his friends have been acting weird towards me- But I'm awfully confused. He's usually a type of "joker" guy, but it's different this time. He's been constantly "making moves" on me and stuff (example: I was speaking to him about stars during science, and he responded with: "The only stars I cared about are in your eyes"). He's been hugging me more often and carrying my stuff around for me even though I tell him not to. But, there's one more problem. He's not the only one who has been being "flirty" frequently. One of his best friends has been calling me things such as "beautiful, gorgeous" and he wrote in my yearbook "Have a fun summer, dazzling". He's also been texting me an awful lot. What do I do?! 

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 Though this site is directed toward cousins who are attracted to each other, or already to the point of being in love, and you didn't mention that this young man is kin/cousin to you, the rules are still pretty much the same. You get the "broken record speech to young members" I've become infamous for, just without the "cousin" parts that tend to complicate matters at times. Ready? Here goes.....

 First. Keep your nose in the books. Don't let these hairy legs distract you from your studies. I'm sure it's all quite flattering to have these older boys falling all over you, but, I can assure you what the main intention is. I doubt I need spell it out for you. You'll have the summer off, so the books won't be all that big of a concern until time to go back to school, but do try to stay focused on your future. Don't be getting into any neeked shenanigans with either, or ANY of these boys until you are of age to do so, and of a mind to decide which one (if either of these two) you would like to have pursue you, and vice versa.

 As far as the "little sis" comment goes, out of the one you have taken somewhat of a liking to, he probably felt that way initially, but, as you are getting older, he's seeing you as more of the young woman you are becoming. See my "I doubt I need to spell it out" comment above. I know you like hanging with them, but, if they can't cool the jets, it may be time for a new circle of friends. They need to learn to respect you as a friend, just as you need to let them know that as of now, that's all it is. If that isn't enough, then, you'll need new friends to hang out with. No pressure. You're too young for it, and don't need it when you get older either.


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Hmmm. You didn't say how old you were but if he is 2 years older than you, that could be a lot. The maturity level of teens just a few years apart can be vast. Maybe you shouldn't hang with these guys at all.

If you hang out with them, you will have to demand some respect. Sure their attention may be flattering but you can't let them disrespect you at all. Are you sure there isn't something that you are not telling us? How old are you anyway? The question is why these guys think you are somebody that you aren't? 

Don't play games with them. Don't lead them on. Take care of yourself girl. Wise up before these guys start rumors, true or untrue, that stick with you like a bad tattoo. 

Peace out!


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Guest Carina

At first I thought lucky he's a keeper but now its a friend of gits too. You should have a serious conversation about that.its the mature thing to do that nougat cant do. Which is why there is so much violence. BTW. 

Either way just talk to him and ask why they're being different with you.

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