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My Cousin is well aware of my feelings towards her

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My cousin is well aware of my feelings for her. We are kissing Cousins but the dynamic of the relationship changed instantly when  my mother and brother went away to a family funeral for a weekend, my cousin and I stayed for the weekend. Immediately after they left we kissed for any hour or so (waited until late night) then we kissed again it was more four play until the inevitable happened we had sex. At first she said this was wrong but everytime I tried pulling away she'd pull me back, this started on a Friday then continued Saturday morning then the evening, it went on until Sunday morning. So it was the whole weekend.

It was the most glorious thing that ever happened to me, but what's interesting about it is that she finally opened up to me about her feelings towards me, she says she's inlove with me, she also says that she's more attracted to me now that this had happened and she says she feels less guilt about having feelings for me. We are a lot closer now. That's good on its own but she has a boyfriend though he lives 200 kilometres/miles away and the last time they saw each other is early January it's still her boyfriend and she continues to text him thou it's not like at first it's something :/ She's also suggested that she won't be visiting her parents when it's holidays (June-July College holiday) meaning she won't be seeing nor meeting her boyfriend anytime soon she usually tells me that she likes being around me and the she wishes me to be around forever.

What I'm concerned about Is giving her all my heart her, only to find out that all her heart Is with another person. Any advice for situations like these?? :) 

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