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I fancy my cousin. Does she like me back

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I've liked my cousin (female) (and I'm a male) for a while and was wondering if she liked me back. When I went passed her she smiled and I somehow made her laugh. Does she like me?


I haven't really made a big convo yet but can you tell me how to like you know talk to her and maybe how to tell her.





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Guest Morgan

The thing is, some people are very good at hiding their feelings. I have been attracted to my cousin my entire life, but was petrified of anyone finding out, so I hid it VERY WELL. No one will know unless I allow them to. 

The most advice I can give you is to follow your gut. Your instinct is never wrong, so if something deep inside you says she's attracted, then in all likelihood she probably is. I wish I could be more helpful...

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You're 16, so no need to get into a big hurry with all this romantic stuff. 

None of us can tell you whether a smile and a laugh when you walked past her means that she likes you.  Maybe you were wearing mismatched shoes, maybe you had something stuck in your hair, maybe something on the television made her laugh when you walked in front of her.  Who knows!!  The only way to know is to spend time with her. But while you spend time with her, keep it clean my friend.  No hanky-panky; do nothing that could potentially cause you difficulties down the road (yes, you know what I'm talking about).  Show her respect, concentrate on your studies and enjoy being 16.  

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