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Me and my cousin are a young couple and have been together for almost half a year, we are both Christian and come from a very religious family that is VERY against cousin relationship/marriage. Now, me and my cousin have researched online and in the bible and have not found one verse that is against cousin marriage, we are first cousins. Neither one of us have told anyone in our family we're dating or about the information we found, yet everyone in the family including my mother says we will be cursed and what not and it makes me feel a little lost.. Someone please give me feedback or confirmation, is first cousin marriage against God? Me and my cousin love each other.. But no love is worth going against God. 

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Guest duder71

No it isn't. If you read Genesis chapter 28 verses 1-2 you will see that Jacob, who is to become Israel, Is charged by his Father Isaac to go and take a wife of the daughters of his mother's brother.  Which would be his first cousin.  He actually married 2 of his first cousins, Leah and Rachel.  Also if you read in leviticus chapter it outlines who is forbiden to be with, and cousins are not  on the list. Hope this helps.

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angel, if you will look at the menu at the top of this page, and select "info pages" > "religions" > "Biblical Perspective" you will find exactly what you're looking for, straight from God's own word, complete with chapter and verse references that you can flip to in your Bible to show your family.

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