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Guest inlove

It was the  first week of February wen I started dating my cousin,ihad crush on him for so long.

I am 26 and he's 32, the truth is I love him so much ,things were ohk in the beginning and we were having a distance relationship. Things changed when he promised to visit me and he couldn't make and told me he was sick,I understood him and move on ,the following day wen I call him a girl answered his phone and told me she is the girlfriend, few minutes later he called and told me the person who answered the phone is a friend he got in the bar . I understood that also,It was not the first time. 

The following day he started ignoring my calls not messages , even block me from what's up.  Wen I ask him what's wrong he doesn't reply .


I change the sim card just to get hold of him , I saw a profile pic of him and a girl , I didn't ask anything I just say 'wow nice pic's that's when he replied and says thnx 

Immediately I blocked him because it was hurting me as I still love him , and he left me without any reason. 


15minutes later when I check my what's up the one he blocked me I got he unblocked me , then 30 minutes later it shows that he no longer have what's up . 

I need advise I still love him and want him back . Wat do I do ?

Do you think he still love me ?





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Welcome to the site be thanks for sharing your story. I wish I had a better answer but honestly it doesn't sound like it would end well for you if you did manage to get his attention again. 

Speaking as a man here, I think he is one of those men who is sweet as can be when he wants something and then discards whatever he uses. I believe he would only use you for seasons between other women. 

If he brought a girl home from a bar and let her think she is his girlfriend, he's a user of women and you should run from him. You can't fix him or make him grow up. If he just said that to somehow make you feel better about it and she really is his girlfriend, he was afraid to tell even you, making him a coward (and probably still a user of women) and you should still run from him. This also cannot be fixed by you.

I know none of this is easy to hear. Right now, you have a lot of emotion invested in him and in a relationship you were hoping would be there. I can only recommend you find constructive ways to take your mind off of it. You should be treated better than this. Please do not put your self worth into this relationship because you are worth more.

I wish you the very best success.


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