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Guest lilianaa22

So I've been reading some post and I came across one that talked about Texas.

I happen to live in Texas and have been with my 1st cousin for 4 years since I turned 18...

We have moved around states for work reasons...and we have "settled" in Texas because hes from here. We have recently started talking about marriage and know we can not marry here. We have considered California since I grew up there and my mother lives there. Or Florida because its closer and we were already planning vacationing there. The post I came across mentioned Texas is the strictest with cousin marriages. So if we were to get married in Florida or wherever else and came back to Texas. What could be done legally in any circumstances? We have a child together who was born in Virginia. I'm just trying to plan ahead for a what if scenario...or just ease my mind a bit..

Thank you

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prior to 2005 (i think) first cousins could marry. what happened to prompt the changing of the law was warren jeffs, the leader of the polygamist sect of latter day saints. after being run out of utah, he tried to settle in las vegas, but when he was run out of nevada, he brought his bunch to texas. the problem with warren jeffs was that he was arranging and marrying off little girls to much older adult relatives. ok, 'little girls' might conjur up images of elementary school girls, but really we're talking about teenagers. still, these were girls barely in their teens being forced into marriage to men who were in their 20s and 30s. that didn't sit well with legislators here, and to avoid any real scrutiny about the facts of cousin marriage, in their haste to rid texas of the scumbucket, they slipped the new law into a bill that had nothing to do with it at all. and it passed without notice.

anyway, all that being said, i'm not all that familiar with the details of the law since i married many years prior to its passage. i would recommend you consult a family law attorney. at the very least, do your research on everything in texas law pertaining to marriage and sexual relations. pay particular attention to statutes that describe what penalty (if any) arise from marrying in a state where you do not reside. 

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 We aren't lawyers, and don't give legal advice. That said......

 Leave Texas, and stay gone. You are dancing on very thin ice. You will be breaking the law by having intimate relations, you cannot marry there, and you cannot marry elsewhere and return there. The statutes could very likely be overturned, but unless you have extremely deep pockets and hard heads, why test it? California and Florida are excellent options, as is Georgia. In fact, economic conditions being what they are, unless you have options in California, I would look very hard for jobs whilst in Florida. js

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