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Guest Anon

i think im falling for my cousin

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Guest Anon

I think im falling for my second cousin. We are the  same age and have only really started talking recently.(i've known him for a long time though) I had my family reunion over a month ago and he hasn't left my mind since. Im barley a teenager (13) and i know i shouldn't be feeling this way. I hate that i love him so much. the weird part is i really think im falling in love. I've never thought about a person  this often(unless i see them everyday) and i've never had a crush so sudden like this. I dont want to make a move,but i don't think i can live with/without him ( i know im petty) side note:we go to the same school

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Seek out and read Hawk's excellent posts on this matter on the forums.

He really has some GREAT advice to help our younger members


Just for information, second cousins are legal anywhere in the world we know of.


Do understand that young ladies of your age and young men of his will

undoubtedly have many crushes, girlfriends/boyfriends and relationships before

they are actually ready to be serious for a lifetime commitment.  It is all a part of

growing up and learning how to function in society.  Learn to be friends, build on that

friendship, who know what may happen in the future.


My hubby and I are second cousins. We actually met when I was 13 and he 15.

However it took us 38 years, other marriages and families to finally be together.

I know that sounds like forever to you,  But realize that nothing is impossible and if it

is meant to be it will, Whether it happens sooner or later. Be patient.

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