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Worried about custody.

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My family is very against mine and my cousins relationship and keep saying that it will cost her her children. I live in Kentucky and by the way i understand it our relationship is technically a class C misdemeanor but I could have misread. Would anybody know for sure whether or not i'm right and what effect it will have on any custody disputes for her? 

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We don't give legal advice here but are not lack in advising someone  to seek same.


Without much information to go on, I would either she or both of you consult with an attorney.

If you aren't satisfied with the answers from one, search for one that will be straight forward with you.

I would imagine a lot of it would depend on the cousin marriage laws in the state and how " crazy" the family

is about keeping the two of you apart.  I am sure your ages and the children's ages might play a part in it.




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If you marry in KY you could be asking for trouble, esp with custody of kiddos at stake.  If you live near the TN border, move to TN and marry; there are no issues with cousin marriage in TN

If the two of you are not married and don't plan on it while the kids are still minors, tell everyone to go jump in the lake.

But that is my totally unbinding from a legal perspective advice.  As Romalee said, ask an attorney for official legal advice.

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