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Guest Curious

Are these normal cousin behaviours? Or does this mean something more?

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Guest Curious

These are behaviours that usually tell me "He's into you!" but because it's my cousin I find myself second-guessing and wondering if he's just being affectionate because he doesn't have any other family (no siblings, father is out of picture, not very good relations with mom...he's very much alone). We are both grown adults...don't see each other often because we live far apart and lead very different lives. 

Compliments (you look great, you are beautiful, I am so happy you are here)

Holding hands when walking down the street or crossing the road (once with intertwined fingers)

Very rarely guiding me through crowds by the small of my back or hand on waist

Many kisses on the cheek, all very random both in public and private (not to mention long hugs)

Mentioning how a guy has checked me out, or otherwise implying that I am desirable to other men

Lots of physical contact (puts his arm around me, pinches fluff off my shirt or sweater, rubs my hand, sits or stands close enough that our arms or legs touch)

Long eye contact that I have difficulty holding (because I'm attracted to him and want to hide that fact until I'm sure he's into me too)

He does some of these things in front of my auntie (not sure if relevant)


Now...by my own standards this all tells me that he's into me, but the reason I have doubts is because:

He sometimes mentions about setting me up with one of his buddies (we are both single) and always speaks highly of them

I've shared some pictures of my travels and he mentions that my friend was cute and if I could introduce them 

He introduces me to everyone as his sister and not his cousin (not sure if this is relevant)


I know it's not much, but I'm sure we can all relate that even when there are fewer doubts than confirmations, we still second-guess our judgement. I would like your opinions and maybe if you could share your experiences with these behaviours as well. It would help me a great deal. 


P.S Also would like to thank the founders of this website for creating a safe place where we can talk about this openly and comfortably. Thank you!


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i think next time he says he'll set you up with one of his buddies, i'd speak up and say 'why would i need them when you're the total package?' or something like that. say it jokingly... see how he responds. and depending on that response go a little further and say you keep getting mixed signals from him and that you'd like to untangle those signals and see what's what.

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